There’s always so much to do, especially when you work for God. Here we see Jesus preparing his disciples for “the harvest.” Jesus sends them out to the metaphorical vineyard in pairs, knowing that we are always more effective when we work together. There is strength and goodness in community.

We’re told that Jesus intends to visit these places too – another example of why the Incarnation is so amazing. Jesus is one of us – as a human, as a person who feels and has friends. He doesn’t ask us to do what he’s not also going to do. In all things, Jesus understands what we feel and experience.

We see, too, that Jesus cares for his laborers. He offers advice about their care and effectiveness. Be peaceful, be healers, be people who share the news of the Kingdom. Good advice for anyone who desires to live in the Spirit.

—Rita Zyber is RCIA and Confirmation Coordinator at St. Mary Student Parish at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI.