Are there things in your life that you desire but fail to pursue? What prevents you from becoming the best you?

Ever so often we find ourselves trapped in or limited by our own brokenness or past wounds. The evil spirit takes advantage of them in order to stop us from growing and flourishing into our truest selves. Today I invite you to sit for while in these moments when you fail to live out the best of yourself. What do you imagine that Jesus would say to you “with authority” about your frustration? Jesus speaks to your heart with the word has the power to cast out the unclean spirit that troubles you. Let the word sink deep into your heart and let yourself be healed, strengthened and liberated by Jesus, who loves you, even more than you love yourself.

—Chia-Yang Kao, S.J is a Jesuit scholastic of the Maryland province. He is currently studying philosophy at Loyola University Chicago.