It’s been said that Moses had an easier job getting the people out of Egypt than getting Egypt out of the people.

This account of the liberation day from Egypt after more than 400 years of captivity seems almost effortless after so many false starts and broken promises by Pharaoh. Yet we will soon read about the desert relapses and tribulations – the enslavement, not in a literal sense but still real and profound that will continue to plague the community and grip hold. The tendency to lose trust, need proof, despair and covet what other groups have will endure as plagues of their own making.

In what areas of my life am I not free? Do I desire liberation? What steps are needed for this grace? What prayer might ask the Lord’s companionship in my journey to freedom?

-John Sealey is the provincial assistant for social and international ministries for the Chicago-Detroit and Wisconsin Jesuit provinces.