In the Gospel today we see Jesus become aware of the envy, righteousness, and cruel intentions of the Pharisees. Further, he notices that they are trying to find ways to undermine his authority, to diminish him, to destroy him. Despite this, Jesus is not deterred. Instead of losing time reacting to what the Pharisees think of him, he acts to the desires he has within him.

Oftentimes, we find ourselves worried and anxious about how others perceive us; then we react by trying to alter their perception of us. Jesus acted out of love for those around him, rather than reacting out of fear. Perhaps today we can ask Jesus for a still mind to listen to our hearts and not our worries.

When have I reacted because of the expectations of others rather than my own desires? If I was not worried about what they thought, how would I have acted? Today I resolve to act out of my loving desires rather than react out of worry or fear.

—Juan Ruiz, S.J., a scholastic of the U.S. Central Southern Jesuit province, just completed philosophy studies at Loyola University, Chicago IL.