This 4th Sunday of Easter the emphasis in the readings shifts from Jesus’ appearances after the Resurrection to the various ways the early followers of Jesus began to translate their Easter faith and joy into responsible Christian action on behalf of the gospel.

Today’s reading from Revelation gives us a sense of this vast crowd of believers that you and I are part of…from every nation and tribe, people and tongue.  All of us bring “all that we are and all we have” to the Lord, as the gospel reminds us.

Let’s examine that “all” for a minute.  Presuming that Jesus is serious, then that “all” must include…my strengths and limitations, my success and failures; my health and physical limitations; parts of my life I regret and parts I am proud of.

The “all” must include my family and neighborhood, those I love and those harder to like.  The “all” includes “us” and “them”…for with God there is no “them.”  This applies to the Church as well.

This week of Easter grace may the Risen Lord’s healing touch energize us to become witnesses of Jesus’ life and resurrection wherever we go, whatever we do.

–The Jesuit Prayer Team