As we come to the mid-point of June, we can ponder the events and interactions that have graced our hearts and homes.  We do so against today’s rather forceful readings.  “Whoever is in Christ is a new creation,” St. Paul writes.  And, precisely because of this special status, we are “ambassadors” for Christ… not just friends or acquaintances but ambassadors for all that Jesus stands for.  If this is the case, Paul says, then we are invited to get our hands dirty in the messy work of reconciliation.  That’s quite a charge, with a weighty challenge as well.

Think of the international ambassadors whose names and photos appear in the daily news outlets.  They often shuttle between one country and the next, opening windows of conversation, avenues for peace.  Even though our own outreach towards others never makes the nightly news, each of us is invited to bridge those tricky human gaps with fresh perspective, as we offer healing and helpful words and deeds.

Where and with whom am I invited to be Jesus’ ambassador … today?!

—The Jesuit Prayer Team