In this reading of God’s call to Abraham I pause to reflect on what Abraham must have felt like after hearing of God’s expectations and promises.  I imagine Abraham felt overwhelmed, confused, and uncertain, but also honored, fulfilled, and overjoyed. The task of leading God’s people and upholding the covenant throughout all ages is no easy feat, but one that Abraham accepts willingly.

Abraham’s response to God is admirable and serves as an example for us so many years later.  What is it that God is calling you to do today, this Lent, or this year?  How do you respond to God’s call to personally uphold the covenant still today?  Perhaps each of us is being called in one small way to maintain the covenantal relationship with God.  Let us pray that we remain open to hearing and responding to God’s call in order to uphold the promise of God’s loving relationship with each of us.

—Sadie Curtin serves as Co-Director of Faith Formation at the Church of the Gesu, University Heights, OH.