In today’s Gospel, wherever Jesus goes, people approach him with their needs.  The last line from Mark is telling: “…and all who touched [Jesus’ cloak] were healed.”  Jesus offered his healing without judgement or even inquiry.  In other words, there was no litmus test for Jesus’ choice to care for those who were struggling.  How refreshing!  

Throughout the Gospels Jesus freely gives his love and healing power to sinners, to “crazy” people, to prostitutes…to anyone who needs it.  Such unconditional love is inspiring.  Often we find ourselves ready to love, but only those who we deem “deserving” of our love.  A deeper understanding of faith invites us to transcend a merit-based understanding of love, and instead embrace an approach of abundant love.  To be certain, this requires us to let go of perceived and real transgressions against us, which ultimately leads us into deeper relationship with both Christ and with the other.

—Matt Kemper is the Director of Community Service at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati.                                                                                                           





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