Faith is difficult.  That is, faith requires trust.  Such trust grows beyond what we can see and touch, and thus what we can own and control.  Today’s reading expresses such trust that goes beyond human logic and concrete explanation.

A question, then:   why should I offer such trust in that from which I cannot be assured of the answer that I seek, the healing that I need, the hope that I want to see fulfilled?   Such full trust and deep faith come alive in today’s readings.  The official trusts in Jesus’ ability to restore life to his daughter;  the woman trusts in Jesus’ ability to stop the hemorrhaging of that which sustains life.  In both cases, Jesus responds to their faith, that is in their trust that Jesus has the gift to restore and renew life.

Our Christian faith invites us to trust more deeply in a reality we cannot even see or touch:  eternal life in God.  Though it is easy to get caught up in the personal expectations and daily demands of mortal life in this world, we are asked to trust – to have faith – in Christ’s audacious promise of life and love without end — eternal life in God.

Can I trust Christ enough to hear and receive his words today:  “Courage, daughter!  Courage, son!  Your faith has saved you.”?

—Fr. Glen Chun, S.J. is minister of the Loyola University Jesuit Community, Chicago, and also serves on the vocations staff for the Chicago-Detroit Province of the Society of Jesus