Today’s gospel is a reminder of the simple aspects of Christianity, yet often the most difficult to enact. Matthew teaches us to include those who are excluded, that is, the sick, the dead, the lepers, and those possessed with demons. The marginalized, the people who live on the fringes of society, they are the people who deserve the most attention. The Kingdom of God will be more fully realized in the world if we see as Jesus saw by including the excluded.

Living and acting as Jesus did is the most fundamental aspect of the Christian tradition, yet it can be difficult in the midst of our busy routines filled with cell phones, meetings and emails. Let us never over complicate things when it comes to our faith. Let us go back to the basics of Jesus’ ministry, that is, including, accepting, loving, and walking with others. Have I ignored those around me who seem to blend in and disappear in the business of my life? Are there people in my communities who I should reach out to and include today?

—Samantha Grady is currently completing her Masters in Theology degree at Loyola University Chicago.