Jesus tells us in today’s gospel to “mark well the parable of the sower.” Going further, he explains that the person who hears the message of the gospel and takes it to heart receives “a hundredfold.”  But how practically do we live this gospel message? I believe today’s passage from the Book of Exodus takes us back to the basics. We find Moses in God’s presence at the top of Mount Sinai. There God gives him the ten commandments which ground our faith-filled response to God and to one another.

Take a moment today to read through this passage from Exodus. Which of God’s commands do I observe well? Which one is a stumbling block for me? Where is the Lord inviting me to grow in my personal observance of these commandments…that I may more effectively sow the seeds of the gospel to those I live with, work with, meet on the streets? And say some words of thanks to our God for the privilege of responding to the Lord’s invitation.

—The Jesuit Prayer team