Jesus Christ brings the love of God to the world in a concrete, tangible way. God’s love is so overwhelming and so intense that it is like “a consuming fire.” In a spiritual sense, this fiery, powerful love purifies us and helps get rid of extraneous things that might distract from our true purpose as human persons: to know and love God and to make him known by loving others.

There is a clear contrast between living out the GospelJesus’ wayand living out our own way. Jesus’ way is loving others; the world’s way is using others. Jesus’ way is self-sacrifice; the world’s way is self-interest.

Where do I see division rather than integration in my life? What parts of my daily routine witness to Jesus’ way of love and self-sacrifice? What parts of my daily routine conform to the world’s way of use and self-interest?

Maggie Melchior is a convert to the Catholic faith. She currently serves as Coordinator of New Evangelization and Faith Formation for a parish in the Diocese of Green Bay.