Jesus changes hearts. Metanoia is possible after bright lights and blindness. Saul is transformed from a murderer into a disciple. Two disciples are in this story. Ananias is an obedient disciple. He goes to minister to Saul even though this same man was persecuting and killing followers of Jesus.

Is Jesus calling me to minister to someone who is against me? Am I willing to minister to that person so that the scales can fall from their eyes?

Once Jesus transforms us, our hearts are filled to overflowing. That overflow manifests itself in discipleship. Transformed disciples go out to the entire world to proclaim the Gospel.

Will I allow my heart to be transformed by Jesus? How do I live my life as a result of that transformation? Where am I willing to go to bring the Gospel message? Will my lived-faith be a reflection of Jesus’ Light to the world?

—Adele Berthelot is a geological technologist. She graduated from Loyola Institute for Ministry in New Orleans, and belongs to Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Gramercy, Louisiana, where she participates in liturgical and pastoral ministries.