Today, we confront the raw indignation of Jesus who decided it was time to “clean house.” Here, Jesus acts with authority in response to the commercialism that had developed around the temple. The temple was a tangible sign of God’s presence among the people, and worship and prayer were supposed to be its focus.

Jesus goes beyond flipping tables in an effort to reform the temple system, however. He points to the day when the temple in Jerusalem would be replaced by the temple of his own risen body.

As we pray today, let us do so reminded that we ourselves are temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 6:19). As we seek to “clean house” through our daily Examen, may we ask Jesus for the clarity of vision to see what is crowding the space of our own temple, and displacing our deepest desire to offer praise, reverence, and service to God.

—Marty Kelly is an Associate Chaplain at College of the Holy Cross and a Regional Coordinator for Contemplative Leaders in Action in Boston.




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