Paul sounds a bit frustrated with the Corinthians as they claim to owe allegiance to himself or to Apollos. They just don’t get that this is about God become human in the person of Jesus Christ. It sounds like Paul has been trying to get them to understand this for a long time. At the same time, Paul does admit that he and Apollos are God’s co-workers.

Ignatius Loyola was also totally focused on God in the person of Jesus. Coming to know the person of Jesus and God’s love for us is what the Spiritual Exercises are all about. Because of Ignatius’ total centeredness on God in the person of Jesus, he even dared name his newly formed group after Jesus.

Ignatius also firmly believed that God calls us to be in the world as co-workers, co-creators of the world. When I consider this, it occurs to me that the way I approach each person in my day does play a role in how that person experiences God’s creation. I can help create an experience of love and care, or one of disregard and apathy. My actions and words are part of creating the world for others and for myself.

Throughout this day, may I see and hear and think with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, and may I speak and act and will with the love of God.

—David McNulty works for the Midwest Jesuits. Dave and his wife Judy are grandparents of six.