How often the urgency of a critically ill loved one or friend awakens in us the desire to reach out, to comfort, to be of help. The depth of our faith quickly leads us to the Source of all grace – our God who will provide the comfort and healing we seek.

Scripture tells us of the vast number who followed Jesus, listened to his words and witnessed the miraculous powers that brought grace and healing to people of faith, with special concern for the shunned and marginalized.

Today we hear the unlikely story of a Jewish official, a ruler of the synagogue, who was drawn to Jesus because he believed. The gift of faith allowed a desperate, loving parent to set aside any personal consideration and be fully assured that his daughter would be brought back to life if Jesus simply lay his hand upon her. And, so it was.

—Sr. Ann Romayne Fallon, O.P. is an Adrian Dominican sister with notable experience in high school and diocesan administration. Currently she provides pastoral ministry to the Dominican community in Adrian MI.