I often think that I have a very feeble understanding of the Gospel.  Jesus’ words often seem unreasonable to me.  Why should I be able to interpret the meaning of current events just because I know low, dark cumulous clouds mean rain?  Why would I go to court with my opponent if I wasn’t sure I was in the right?

Perhaps when I’m sure I’m in the right what I’ve really done is fail to listen, to offer mercy, to be compassionate.  It is so easy to underestimate my own arrogance.  It is much more difficult for me to trust that Christ and his graces will offer a more generous award than any magistrate would or could.  I cannot control the weather; I cannot predict the magistrate’s decision, so, as challenging as it may be, I am left only to trust in God’s abiding love for me.

—Mr. Gerald Skoch, JD, serves as Vice-President and Chief Mission Officer at St. Ignatius High School, Cleveland, OH.