It feels strange to say I envy the lives of the Israelites in the first reading. Though they were rooted in the Lord, they didn’t have roots in a home or any of the modern day conveniences that I experience. Yet, I wish that all I had to do was look for a cloud to know where God was pulling me. If the cloud moved or stayed, I would know whether to move on or buckle down in a challenging situation. Instead, my life is filled with technology, social media, and a constantly busy schedule. Juggling text messages, emails, and meetings in and outside of work prevents me from paying attention to the one constant that grounds me. Maybe God IS sending me a cloud, but I’m missing it!

Moses’ behavior remains relevant to us today. He took the time to erect a Dwelling, following each intentional detail to provide a sacred space. This sacred space allowed the Israelites to pay attention. Gratefully, Ignatius calls us to find God in all things. We can build a Dwelling that suits our style and relationship with the one who loved us into being. In that space, we can pay attention to how God moves and calls us, perhaps without a cloud, in our everyday experiences. Today, the invitation is to find an intentional way of creating space for God to enter and show us how we are invited to move.

—Lauren Schwer is the Associate Director of Campus Ministry at Loyola University Chicago.