In this Gospel Jesus is calling us both to find truth and to have faith in Christ. We all have the inherent desire to seek out truth. Christians are blest to have found the answer to that famous question posed by Pilate to Christ, “Quid est veritas,” “what is truth?” Jesus has given us the gift though of coming to us and telling us that he is truth. In this search for truth we must also strive to deepen our faith. We are challenged to believe and break free from the ties of doubt.

When we seek Christ with all our heart and are open to his love, we will surely come to believe fully in him. We must always persevere in our journey to faith. Begin today to deepen your faith by asking Christ–the way, truth, and life–to instill in you the gift of an ardent faith and love for him and his Sacred Heart.

—Jack Lupica, a senior at Saint Ignatius High School, Cleveland, OH.