Look at the superlatives here: God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing, chosen us before the foundation of the world, offered us redemption through Jesus’ blood, granted us forgiveness of our sins, gifted us with the riches of his grace lavished upon us, made known his will to us in all wisdom and insight, unified us together with all things in heaven and in earth!

The words found in today’s reading almost collapse under the weight of trying to express an almost inexpressible concept: God is “all-in” for you! “He destined us in love to be his . . . through Jesus Christ.”

God’s unwavering commitment to you is incomprehensibly profound. He loves you unreservedly and believes in you fully. Take a moment today to ponder this great truth: God really, really, really loves me. To realize that truth is to take the first step towards wellness, wholeness, and personal peace.

—Howard Craig is the director of advancement for the Midwest Jesuits. He and his wife Cheryl have five daughters, six grandkids, and two dogs.