When considering a particular gospel passage, Ignatius Loyola invites us to place ourselves within the situation and frame of mind/heart of the gospel person we find there. So, in today’s very familiar passage, what happens if any of us places ourselves in the mind/heart of the parent … or the prodigal child … or the faithful child back home? How do things look like through the eyes of the parent, or in the heart of the prodigal? What do the servants experience? What takes place during the feast at which the fatted calf is served? And what is going on behind the scenes? What is the back talk?

After considering any of these viewpoints, St. Ignatius invites our personal reflection: today—March 18, 2017— What jumps out in my own heart as I consider this story? Where am I attracted? Where am I put off? How am I drawn to the Lord this weekend? What does Jesus ask and invite these early days of Lent? How might I act differently today with those I live with, those I meet, those I love?

—The Jesuit prayer team