Jesuit Refugee Service teaches so that refugees may become self-reliant and independent, able to support themselves and their families, able to return home and rebuild their communities, or to integrate into new communities if they are resettled. Importantly, education provides a sense of stability, dignity and hope both for refugee children and for their families.

A higher education program in Chad’s Djabal camp for Darfuri refugees enables refugees to take university level courses with teachers from Jesuit universities in the U.S. “The program has inspired me to think of life differently,” one young man told me. “When I left college — I studied a year and a half in Sudan — I thought I was done studying. I had lost hope in everything and was depressed. But I feel as if this opportunity has saved my life. I realize that life has many opportunities in store, not only for me but for the betterment of humanity.”

—Christian Fuchs serves as Communications Director for Jesuit Refugee Service/USA.