King Agrippa travels to Caesarea where he hears the charges against Paul. The king accedes to Paul’s demand that he be sent to Rome for trial before the emperor. It is in Rome that the Acts of the Apostles concludes. In this city Paul takes up his final ministry, preaching to Jews and Gentiles alike about the promise of eternal life in Jesus Christ alive and risen.

All of us have followed Jesus during these weeks of Lent and Easter. This weekend of transition offers the opportunity to look back with gratitude on the gifts and graces Jesus has offered as we have journeyed with him. How has he invited me into a stronger relationship? How has the Lord stretched my horizons? What has been my response—have I opened my heart, my life to my family, co-workers, neighbors? Have I opened my heart to those in need, to the poor, to strangers who cross my path? Have I found time to “rest in the Lord”?

—The Jesuit Prayer Team