Today’s gospel talks about a pivotal moment in Jesus’ life–the Pharisees have decided that Christ must die. Jesus responds by withdrawing from the area, curing his followers and asking them not to speak of these healings. In fulfillment of God’s promise, Jesus also carries the Lord’s grace and love to the most broken of us.

The Lord unconditionally loves us with all of our imperfections. He implores us to take shelter in that love. Can you think of ways in which we can extend that same love onto those closest to us whose “imperfections” may challenge us?  How can we do this out of our own brokenness? How can we remain faithful in God’s love during these pivotal times of our lives?

—Jenni and Dan O’Brien. Dan serves as regional development director for the Wisconsin Province Jesuits. Jenni is the mother of two young children and a psychotherapist specializing in depression, anxiety, and adjustment issues with teens and adults.