Let’s pay attention today to Paul’s comment in Romans: “All depends on faith, everything is a grace.” These autumn days in the last quarter of the year invite reflection and perspective: as I look back on my experiences of the past summer and early fall, what are some specific graces I have discovered? Perhaps something very unexpected, or a moment of satisfaction within my ordinary routine? Maybe an event within my family, or the grace of a new or perhaps re-kindled relationship? Maybe even the quiet invitation of our God to “accept” or to “grow” or to “stretch” in some small or large way?

The passage then turns the gift of hope, which strengthened Abraham’s belief, enabling him to accomplish far more than he ever thought possible. Where is my “hope” today? Can I trust that God is really “in charge and on the job,” even as I make decisions and engage others to accomplish my daily tasks, as well as to care for my family and loved ones, neighbors and community?

—The Jesuit prayer team