Today’s verses from Colossians invite us to be truly grateful God’s incredible gift to us in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus makes it possible for us to “persevere in faith, firmly grounded,”  using our time and talents in the practical service of the gospel Jesus teaches. Perhaps the more leisurely pace of this Labor Day weekend offers some extra minutes to take stock of the blessings, insights, and graces that have come my way during this summer.

How has Jesus walked with me these summer months? How have I been able to share the “hope of the gospel” with those I live with, work with, and love? What have I learned these weeks of summer that will now make a difference as I take up the labors of this fall? Find some time in the next 48 hours to say thanks … to God, to others. Think about how will the adventures of the summer now find their way into the harvest of fall? And say “thank you” today — to the Lord and to others!

—The Jesuit Prayer Team