In the musical Into the Woods, Little Red sings a song about the lessons she has learned on her journey. Grappling with the conflicting emotions evoked in moments of self-realization, she feels “excited! Well, excited and scared.”

Today’s Gospel highlights two women experiencing similar feelings in the face of discovery; they are “fearful yet overjoyed.” God empowers Mary Magdalene and the other Mary by revealing to them the Risen Christ, who sends them alone to spread the word to the apostles. In doing so, God gives the women a glimpse into God’s identity and, perhaps less obviously, a glimpse into their identity. These women, like us, are beloved disciples whose voices are needed to share the Good News. Exciting and scary. Yet Jesus assures us, “Do not be afraid.”

In this Easter season, amidst joy and fear, how can we use our authentic voices to spread the Gospel?         

 —Katie Davis is passionate about spirituality, social justice, and the arts. Hailing from the Philadelphia area, she studied musical theater at Catholic U., and then served as a Jesuit Volunteer in Houston and Chicago. Katie earned her M.Div. at Loyola Chicago and currently works as a Chaplain at St. Ignatius College Prep.