In John’s Gospel, the crowd wonders, “The Christ will not come from Galilee, will he?” Isn’t it like us to question how God may choose to work?

Today, the question may be more along the lines of: “Can God really speak through ______?”  Fill in the blank with persons or things that may cause you to miss God’s active work before you. Maybe it is suffering? Conflict? A weakness? An atheist? Someone’s sexual orientation? A Republican…or Democrat? An illegal immigrant? An addict?

While the blank may be filled differently, the simple answer to that question and the crowd’s is: “Yes. God will and God does.”

Despite knowing this, I still fail to recognize the Christ before me, especially when I hold too closely to attitudes, prejudices, or ignorance. When this happens, I think too small and miss my opportunities for conversion and transformation by a God of surprises who is alive and active in all things.

God, help me to humbly move beyond myself, better understand your ways are not mine, and recognize your presence before me.

How might you be called to expand your view of how God may be working in and through a situation, person, or people in your life?

—Andy Rebollar serves as Pastoral Associate for Parish Life at St. Pius X Parish, Grandville, MI.


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