Getting to the heart of things, identifying the crux of the problem, understanding the bottom line — these are goals we work at each day in the various worlds we inhabit. This is what Jesus means in today’s gospel text as he suggests that “the reign of God is already in your midst.” Ignatius Loyola understood this reality. Central to his spiritual practice is daily attention to “finding God in all things.” He believed that we discover God’s presence in the work we do, in the people we meet, in the challenges we face, even amidst our failings and sinfulness. In other words, we don’t just encounter God in prayer or in church. Rather, God is even present in our relationships with those we live with and meet each day.

God finds us at work and in the gym. God’s grace comes alive in our conversations and daily routine. Our challenge then  is that of awareness—tuning into those moments of God’s grace energizing everything we accomplish. Ignatius even gave us a tool to recognize God’s presence—its classic name is the “examen,” more popularly known as a “review of the day.” It is basically a time to pause and name those persons and places and conversations that have been for me “carriers” of God’s grace and life and promise. Here is a link to this practice. Try it — you might come to enjoy it!

—The Jesuit Prayer Team