On a recent morning I walked through a crowded college campus during a class break while hurrying to a meeting. A horde of students hung around the central campus plaza, glued to their cellphones. Some seemed to be listening to music; others were frantically texting with friends, perhaps afraid of what they might have missed during class. One student was laughing out loud while reading some tweet; I imagined another was keeping in the loop with a good friend.

St. Ignatius challenges us to “find God in all things” – to tease out God’s presence embedded within all the activities we cram into our daily living. Throughout the coming weekend, as I look forward to Thanksgiving Day, where and how do I meet and find God through those I tweet with, folks I work and study with, those I live with? This season of thanksgiving reminds me to be truly grateful for my time and talents, for the opportunities and blessings I receive, for God’s loving, life-giving presence within my heart … in all I accomplish each day. For all of this energy and activity — thank you, my God!

—The Jesuit prayer team from the Jesuit Community at St. Camillus in Wauwatosa, WI.




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