At the heart of Ignatian Spirituality is the idea that we must always strive to find God in all things. Too often I find myself “on the road to Emmaus” in my life. I ask for the guidance of the Lord, but I am sometimes oblivious to his presence, even when he is standing right in front of me. Like the disciples, I am unable to make sense of the “empty tomb,” the signs and meanings that reveal God.

Where do we see Christ in our lives and not recognize him? How are we witnesses to Christ’s love and mercy? In this Easter season, let’s pray that we may have our eyes opened like the disciples did in the Gospel. In order to understand God’s will, we need to slow down and listen to the call of the Holy Spirit in all the corners of our lives. Let’s ask God for the clarity to truly see and hear Him in everything we do, just as Saint Ignatius taught us.

—Andrew Perz is a senior at St. Ignatius High School, Cleveland OH.