In today’s reading from Acts we see the early church on fire for Jesus Christ. We hear of Paul traveling and strengthening disciples and Apollos “speaking boldly” about Jesus. Though this can be inspiring for us to read, it might be hard for us to figure out how to re-create the same tenacity in which Paul and Apollos speak about God.

What seems to be at the heart of this early church is freedom. In chapter 18 of Acts, we read about Paul’s freedom in all of his travels. Paul will spread the good news and go on to the next town in order to bring the message of Jesus to everybody. We see the freedom of Apollos who, we are told, is an eloquent speaker and teaches accurately about Jesus, and is an authority on the Scriptures. Yet he is free to receive more instructions from Priscilla and Aquila.

Let us reflect on this freedom today. Is it difficult for me to move on from past hurts, passed ambitions, or past regrets? Am I free to learn from others? Am I free to empower others to continue on work that I may have started?

Let us ask God for this grace of freedom today and to be inspired by the freedom of the early church.

—Br. Pat Douglas, S.J, is Vocation Promoter for the Wisconsin Province of the Society of Jesus and a residence hall chaplain at Creighton University, Omaha, NE. For more information on Jesuit vocations, click here