In today’s reading, St. Paul reminds the Corinthians about the core of their—and our—identity as Christians. St. Paul says that the good news of Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection is “of first importance.” That might be hard to believe sometimes. After all, a lot of things are important. Family, friends, school, work, sports, and music are all good, and key parts of our lives. Sometimes we can get overwhelmed by the sheer number of significant things swirling around us. I’ll bet the first-century Corinthians had trouble focusing on the “most important” thing too. They may not have had smartphones and 24-hour news like we do, but no matter what era we live in, it’s a constant temptation to put Jesus as priority #3 or #10 instead of “first importance.”

Who do I know who puts Jesus as the “first importance” in their life? What are some things I admire about that person? How are they a witness of God’s love? Am I someone who has Jesus at the center of my life, even when I’m really overwhelmed or busy? Am I confident in how much Jesus loves me and wants to be center of my life?

—Maggie Melchior is a convert to the Catholic faith. She currently serves as Coordinator of New Evangelization and Faith Formation at St. Paul Parish, Combined Locks, WI, in the Diocese of Green Bay.