One thing is certain: the Corinthians had a lot going on within their community. Paul laments the jealousy and rivalry that have arisen from different “camps” of followers. 2,000 years later, can we say that the Church has improved in this regard?

I often catch myself placing fellow Christians into camps: “He is so traditional!” or “She is way too liberal!” Or I identify much too easily with one side of the aisle for whatever reason. I get so caught up worrying about what others in my camp are thinking that I risk losing touch with the fact that I am a disciple of Jesus, first and foremost.

Paul wisely asks each of us to take a step back today and ask ourselves: Who am I following? Am I truly free to detach from whatever camp I might find myself in, if it means following Jesus more closely?

—Dan Finucane teaches theology and coordinates Campus Ministry activities at St. Louis University High School in St. Louis MO.