In today’s Gospel Jesus calls two sets of brothers to abandon fishing careers and families to catch bigger fish: Andrew (whose feast is today) and his brother Simon Peter, along with James and John. All four leave abruptly: Andrew and Simon “at once,” Zebedee’s sons “immediately.” What inspires these men to pursue radically—even rashly—this stranger? Perhaps they intuited that Jesus was God, not just another guru. Maybe through his gaze they felt known, accepted and loved like never before. Possibly a promise of meaning and joy encountered something restless and empty within their souls.

The voice of Christ effected a similar radical reorientation in St. Ignatius’ life, unmasking his vanity and setting him on an entirely new path of life.

Why do I follow Jesus Christ? What aspects of his person and teachings attract me? Is there one person Jesus wants to “net” through my discipleship—by prayer and sacrifice on his behalf, by inviting her back to Mass, by an act of forgiveness or mercy during the Year of Mercy?

Fr. Rob Kroll, S.J. is Superior of the Jesuit Community at Creighton Prep, Omaha, NE.