Crowds often surrounded Jesus, but we learn in today’s gospel that he chose to make his way up the mountain where only the disciples would join him. We know word had reached Jesus that John the Baptist had been arrested – a signal that it was time to prepare his disciples for the ministry to which they had been called. They had witnessed Jesus as preacher in the Synagogue; they experienced his use of parables and the many miracles he performed.

Now, here on the mountain, Jesus would summarize all he had taught them over their limited time together. It was of major importance that they fully understand what is demanded of all who seek the Kingdom of heaven. Indeed, the gift of the beatitudes would identify for them and for us the expectations of living as a true disciple. So, how are we doing in our quest to be among the “Blessed”?

—Sr. Ann Romayne Fallon, O.P. is an Adrian Dominican sister with notable experience in high school and diocesan administration. Currently she provides pastoral ministry to the Dominican community in Adrian MI.