We turn the calendar and begin the month of June — so often a time for family events, days of vacation, and other summer activities.  Here in the north longer days and the beauty of summer flowers brighten our spirits.  Today’s first reading from the Book of Sirach speaks about the wisdom of human experience that unfolds throughout the times and seasons of our lives.  Of this deeper spiritual wisdom, the author writes: “My hand opened her gate and I came to know her secrets…I gained understanding such that I will never forsake her.”

Today is the feast of St. Justin, one of the Church’s early martyrs.  This second-century saint became a disciple of philosophy, teaching the ideas of Aristotle and Plato.  After witnessing the courage of the early martyrs he wrote that Christianity is “the only safe and worthy philosophy.”  He taught Christian thought up until his own death as a martyr.

As June begins, you and I might ponder what engages our minds and draws our hearts.  What am I passionate about in my relationship with the Lord?  In my care for my family?  What draws my heart today as I prepare to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus at tomorrow’s great feast?

“Being with Jesus demands that we go out from ourselves, and from living a tired and habitual faith.” (Pope Francis on March 27, 2013)

The Jesuit Prayer Team