Sister Hellen suffered the consequences of conflict in northern Uganda and lived as a refugee throughout her childhood. But Sr. Hellen does not look to what was left behind. She knows education can brighten the future for all.

 “Today, I teach thousands of refugees (at the Jesuit Refugee Service Center in Kampala), because I know that the most important thing in life is to learn and to communicate,” says Sr. Hellen.

 Urban refugees face many challenges in Uganda and elsewhere. “We know that those who cannot find jobs have no way of sending their children to school,” says Sr. Hellen. “There are too many children still left at home and not able to read or write in this modern age! “

 “When children attend school, the future of the entire family becomes brighter. In school, children become responsible because their minds and hearts become more open and they learn how to practically use their skills.”

—Christian Fuchs serves as Communications Director for Jesuit Refugee Service/USA.