Most people who know me know that food and dining is a passion of mine. My mother loved to cook and I inherited the gene. I find joy in preparing and sharing good meals. I experience the grace and generosity of God in the bounty and companionship of a shared meal.

I am also capable of falling into the same error as those Philippians whose self-centered gluttony brought tears of sorrow to Paul’s eyes.  It happens so simply.  I get wrapped up in the work of cooking and ignore the needs of family and guests. I become determined to do this my way.  My wife once threatened to gift me with an apron with the words, “I’m sorry, your opinion wasn’t in the recipe.” Like the Philippians I find it easy to fall from the noble “finding God in all things,” to the shameful “this thing has become my god.”

—Mr. Gerald Skoch, JD, serves as Vice-President and Chief Mission Officer at St. Ignatius High School, Cleveland, OH.