St. Paul reminds us to treasure and nurture those special gifts and talents God has shared with each of us. How boring life would become if we were all the “same.” Rather, the rich variety of our talents (and even our personal quirks) bring flavor to our lives, energy to our families, and unique service to our world. Indeed, like the vinedresser in today’s gospel parable, the Lord invites us to nurture these gifts and talents in all the “worlds” we daily inhabit.

The challenge of course is not to hoard our gifts, but rather to share them in whatever circumstance we find ourselves. So— as each of us goes about this weekend’s routine—what insight can I bring to a family meal or neighborhood gathering? What chore can I pick up to help someone else succeed?  What email can I send or conversation can I share with someone in need of a laugh, a shoulder to cry on, a smile to keep going in the midst of this weekend’s many demands?

—The Jesuit prayer team