The widow embodies the spirit of the Suscipe prayer. She offered her entire livelihood and all of her life to God. The ease of her giving all that she could makes me pause and seriously reflect on my life’s stance.

Do I give all of my life to God? Do I return all of my life to God and invite God to do with it what God wants? Or do I hold back parts and pieces of my life such as my money, my gifts, and my relationships while telling God I am all in on our relationship?

I invite us today to sit with Jesus and with his help take stock of our lives. Where might he show us that we are not offering the totality of ourselves, our gifts, and our relationships to God?  Talk with Jesus about what arises in prayer.

What is a concrete step I can take today to move me towards embodying the Suscipe the way the widow does?

—Becky Eldredge is a spiritual director, writer, retreat facilitator and mom of three.