This is a tough reading. Jesus knows that he will be betrayed, but he stays with his apostles even though he know he is facing death. He actually had just completed washing the feet of his apostles even the feet of Judas. My imagination tells me that perhaps Jesus was still hoping against all odds that Judas would remain faithful to him. He did not give up on Judas, Judas gave up on him.

Isn’t that the story of salvation history! God loves us and will never give up on us. Emmanuel, God with us, waits to be received no matter what. How often do I give up on people? How often do I judge someone quickly and finally? Thank God I am not God!

—Moira and Richard Clark are Catholic high school educators in Cleveland, OH. Rich is President of St. Martin dePorres High School, and Moira is Dean of Student Life & Formation at Magnificat High School.