In Matthew 12, we meet a woman married and childless seven times. The question is what happens after the resurrection. Anyone who has lost a spouse, a child, or a parent in what we believe is an untimely time can spend much time thinking about reunions and what will it be like. We all can get our imaginations active and assume the experience we want. It would be nice if eternity was just a resuming from where earthly life ended. While we dream, imagine, and hope, real living life can pass us by.

Richard Leonard, SJ wrote a book titled Where the Hell is God?. It was written after his very young and service-oriented sister became a “quad” after a car accident. The title is based on that very question that he was asked by their mom. Leonard offers no profound answer, other than an assurance that God is right there suffering with them.

In today’s Gospel passage we are reminded that our God is a God of the living. We can spend too much time thinking about the “reunion” and miss the God loving us everyday in our joys and in our sorrows.

—Camille Devaney serves as Board chair for the Ignatian Spirituality Project (ISP).