Today, Jesus instructs us on a confounding mystery, namely, the reality of evil in our lives. Any evil committed disparages all of creation and frustrates the good will of our Father in heaven. It strikes me deeply that God has an enemy who opposes God’s goodness in every way, and who stands against us also as the father of lies and the mortal enemy of our human nature. Yet, the beauty of this parable is revealed in God’s abundant patience with our human wickedness.

For indeed, God desires all to be saved, and to shine like the sun in God’s eternal kingdom. What splendor! What grace! God makes all things new and astoundingly good! Christ’s sacrificial love merits us victory over the devil! Thus, we need not fear the weeds planted by Satan. Instead, having steadfast patience with our imperfections, we will grow into a brilliant reflection of Christ’s love.

Emanuel Werner, SJ, is a Jesuit scholastic of the Midwest Province currently studying philosophy and theology at Fordham University.