I did not become Catholic because I was convinced by the arguments of theologians. Apologetics didn’t bring me any closer to Jesus or his Church. Rather, I noticed how my wife was affected by going to Mass. She would go to Mass in a horrible mood and return happy and joyful.

One day I asked her, “What’s the deal?”

The deal, she explained, was that the Mass brought her peace. That was it. No argument. No rebuttal. Just a simple statement: her faith brought her peace.

As foolish as her statement seemed to me at the time, I was inspired and began a long and interesting faith journey. Sometimes people ask me why I became Catholic. My answer: God has a sense of humor.

It may seem like a foolish answer, but it’s God’s foolishness.

Do you proclaim the Gospel with human wisdom or with God’s foolishness?

—Bob Burnham, OFS, a Secular Franciscan and spiritual director, writes and edits for Loyola Press in Chicago