One again the reality of the calendar crams so much spiritual reality into this long New Year’s weekend. Today we meet the prophetess Anna as she prays and fasts in the temple at Jerusalem. She was speaking to everyone about the child born in Bethlehem. As she did so, Mary and Joseph arrived in the temple to present Jesus to the Lord, meeting both Simeon and Anna. In two sentences, Luke then relates that Mary and Joseph returned with Jesus to Nazareth. where Jesus “grew in size and strength, filled with wisdom….and the grace of God was upon him.”

Take some time this weekend, as the New Year 2018 dawns, to flip through your 2017 calendar. Where over the last 12 months was God’s grace strong in your personal life? How was God’s grace active and alive within your family? What personal life experiences do you especially treasure from this past year? How will they influence the way you begin this new year of grace and possibility?

—The Jesuit Prayer team




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