I do not know much about botany or gardening, but I bet there are bigger trees and smaller seeds than those from the mustard plant. So I believe Mark´s gospel is not referring to size or any other scientific fact, but to the natural process of a seed becoming a large tree. This is exactly how God’s kingdom works—a gradual process that invites our attention along the whole process to understand how it works.

The formation of the Kingdom of God is like a seed that is constantly growing. It sprouts, grows, and patiently flourishes until becoming a strong tree. Little by little God is making transformations, continually working in our lives. God is essentially a creator and can help us transform our lives.  All we need is to invite God to enter into our daily lives.

Our Ignatian spirituality is centered in this concept of establishing the Kingdom of God.  Our central petition is that we are able to act according to God’s will. So I ask the Lord today to move my will and put into my soul all I ought to do, so as to further promote God´s will.

—Fr. Hugo Nelson Gomez-Sevilla is a Jesuit from Colombia, currently pursuing graduate studies in educational leadership at Loyola University Chicago.