The Christmas story comes full circle tomorrow as we celebrate the arrival of the Magi and their retinue. Today’s assigned readings prepare us for this Epiphany celebration. Ponder what St. John the Evangelist says in today’s first reading: “Jesus himself made us a promise and the promise is no less than this: eternal life.” and also: “…the anointing you have received from him remains in your hearts.” As the Christmas season nears its completion, it may be helpful to ponder just exactly what Jesus’ Christmas 2015 “promise” and “anointing” might mean for each of us personally.

Of course we have not yet entered into the eternal life of heaven. But our personal, family, and/or community Christmas rituals and celebrations do offer a glimpse into the incredible life and love that God longs to implant in our hearts and homes through the Advent and Christmas days of prayer and celebration we have just experienced. For instance, is there a particular interaction with a family member or friend that you really treasure? Was someone’s gift especially meaningful to you? Was there a moment of quiet insight that strengthened your heart, opened a door, expanded your vision? Treasure any or all of these personal promptings of God’s life and love as 2016 dawns!

—The Jesuit Prayer Team