In these early days of January, I, along with others, make New Year’s resolutions – lose those 10 pounds, get my finances in order, take more time for prayer. By the middle of January I realize that I haven’t even begun. “No time today,” “I’m too busy,” “I’ll start tomorrow.” Always tomorrow.

But God’s voice calls me today to listen. Not tomorrow, but today! I never know what I will hear from God if I just stop, pause, and listen. What is God asking of me or what insight is God wanting to share with me today? If I do not take time today to hear God’s voice, I might miss a wonderful message of hope, mercy, or inspiration that will change the course of my actions for today.

So let us pray today for the grace to hear God’s voice!

—Margaret Horner earned a Master of Pastoral Studies degree from St. Francis de Sales Seminary in Milwaukee. She currently serves as the Director of Liturgy at Gesu Parish, Milwaukee, WI.