Mutual trust is so often quite a challenge. Hanging in there with a friend or family member or co-worker often calls forth considerable patience, understanding, and love. And it can feel like a kick in the gut when someone betrays our trust, even in a small matter, and especially when that person is close to us. While Jesus speaks mainly about financial trust in this gospel passage, perhaps today’s key reminder is that “God reads your hearts.” As much as we rely on patience and understanding from close family and friends, there is real joy in knowing that God does understand our intentions and inner struggles; God walks with us as in good conscience we puzzle through strategies and decisions. And, even if others misunderstand our words and actions, God truly does understand what goes on deep down in our souls.

This first November weekend offers an opportunity to bless the Lord for friends and family who walk with us through struggles and successes, challenges and defeats. Those closest to us often notice sparks of God’s grace that you and I may miss. God bless them!

—The Jesuit prayer team